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Ashley Day


27 November 2016

As 2016 winds down, best wishes from the College for summer and all that it entails......exam results, work, holiday, time with family and friends and hopefully of course, some sun! 


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Celebrating Selwyn Mid-Year

27 May 2016

As we approach the mid-year break there is much to celebrate at Selwyn.  After an amazingly eventful First Semester the College is about to settle down to focusing on the exam preparation period, assisted by our excellent team of in-house tutors.  We're significantly ahead of Knox College in our annual sporting competition (Cameron Shield) although they did manage to win the rugby match, this year played at the Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin as a curtain raiser to the Highlanders vs Crusaders match on 13 May.  Knox presently lead us by three events to two in the cultural competition (Nevill Cup) and so we're ready to take it up to them in the Second Semester.  It was again a pleasure to host College House (University of Canterbury) for the annual Cultural Exchange.  Whilst we were pleased to emerge as the winners of the competition, more important were the camaraderie and collegiality that were hallmarks of the occasion, and we're very much looking forward to our return visit to them in August for the Sporting Exchange. 

The Selwyn Ballet, now in its 88th year, has again been one of the highlights of the Capping Show which is sold out for the rest of the season.  The quirky traditions of the College continue and the events of Amish April and Mullet May were much enjoyed by College members whilst causing some bemusement in the wider University community.  Our traditional Dining Hall lends itself to themed dinners such as the Game of Thrones Dinner and the Harry Potter Dinner.  Our Welfare Team continue to provide an exceptional level of care to our community and the Selwyn College Students Association Committee are putting in a lot of work to deliver a full and varied programme of cultural, sporting and social events.  As I reflect back on this semester perhaps one of the most important aspects of the College to celebrate is one of the least tangible: "Selwyn College looks after its own...".  Time and time again the daily actions of our members give proof to our claim that Selwyn College is a place to belong and a place to become more of who you are.  Vitai Lampada Tradunt.

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The Selwyn Experience Takes Shape

14 March 2016

Selwyn College is off to a promising start.  Our senior returning students have done a great job welcoming in and helping settle our new residents, and the O Week activities organised and lead by the Committee have introduced them to some of the more traditional and unique aspects of the Selwyn Experience.  The Leith Run and Orientation Ball were, as usual, the highlights of the week.  The momentum of the year has picked up with the commencement of lectures and the college-based tutorials that complement them.  Any spare time that residents have is taken up with practice for the Selwyn Waiata and Haka, and, for the boys, the famous Selwyn Ballet.  Chess, the first of the cultural contests with Knox College for the Neville Cup, has been won by Selwyn.  It was heartening to see the vibrant college spirit reflected in the good turnout of Selwyn supporters.  We cherish our relationshp wtih Knox College and despite our fierce competition with them regard them as worthy and amiable opponents.  Our next encounter will be the cricket match against them on Sunday 20th March.  We're already looking forward to the Selwyn vs Knox rugby match which will be played as a curtain raiser at the Stadium on Friday 13th May, and as that date coincides with our hosting of the Cultural Exchange with College House, University of Canterbury, it should be a bumper weekend.  Selwyn College looks after its own, and it really is a privelege to witness this tightknit community coming together to help shape the Selwyn Experience for 2016. 

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New Acting Warden

23 December 2015

The Board of Governors of Selwyn College intend to conduct a review of the senior administrative structure of the College prior to recruiting a new Warden, and Dr Neil Rodgers, Warden from 2012 to 2014, has been appointed Acting Warden for this year.  Neil's experience as an academic and a psychologist, and his previous roles as Head of two colleges of the Australian National University and Director of Student Services at that university, combine with his pervious experience at Selwyn to help him resume leadership of the College, consolidating its many fine attributes and achievements and laying the foundations for the years ahead. 

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