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Ashley Day
Ashley Day


27 November 2016

As 2016 winds down, best wishes from the College for summer and all that it entails......exam results, work, holiday, time with family and friends and hopeful...


Selwyn College recognises that future success depends upon continuing to attract the best and brightest students from New Zealand and abroad. Over generations, Selwyn has prided itself in attracting students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Part of the quintessential Selwyn experience involves living alongside people from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural traditions. No education is richer than one challenged by fellow students with ideas different to one's own. To continue this experience, Selwyn seeks to support students from a diverse range of geographic locations and financial situations.  Students applying to Selwyn are encouraged to consider the variety of scholarships available to them.

No education is richer than one challenged by fellow students with ideas different to one's own.

Many Selwyn residents are recipients of University of Otago undergraduate scholarships. Over the past ten years, residents at Selwyn have been statistically more likely to receive a University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) scholarship than residents at any other Otago College. Selwyn has also had its fair share of Alumni, Dux and Maori and Pacific Scholarships.

Choral Scholarships

The Selwyn College Choir is rapidly gaining a very good reputation.  Selwyn Choral Scholars will receive an excellent musical formation in the Anglican Choral tradition in the historic All Saints’ Church. The Choir competes in competitions against Knox College, and College House in Christchurch, and also puts on an annual concert. Choral Scholars will also provide musical leadership in the worship in All Saints’ church and within the College. The College, in association with All Saints’ Parish, offers a total of up to eight CHORAL SCHOLARSHIPS of between $1,000 and $2,000.  Applications will be accepted from 2017 Selwyn College residents.  Auditions for the scholarships will be held at the College in late February.  Downloadable information includes the Application Form and Role Description

Blog Scholarships

One  BLOG SCHOLARSHIPS are available for returning students. Blog Scholars make regular written and photographic contributions to the College’s website. Applications for 2017 scholars will open 1 September (tbc) and involve submission of a cover letter that outlines photograpghy and writing skills and experience and any other supporting information.