Jess Gould

Senior Tutor (Deputy Warden)

[email protected]

4773326Ext: 203

I am excited to be entering Selwyn College as the Senior Tutor (Deputy Warden). The opportunities available to you while at Selwyn College, and the University of Otago, are unparalleled. My primary task is to help you enjoy all that Otago has to offer academically, culturally and socially. My role also involves overseeing the pastoral care of the College, and assisting the Warden in the running of Selwyn as a whole. 

I enjoy being part of all that is involved in College life, and was the Resident Tutor at University College from 2016. I am a proud graduate of the University of Otago, with a BA(Hons). Following my graduation, I traveled overseas and also worked in a diverse range of fields before taking on the task of living and working at a Residential College.