What do you study?

I study a Bachelor of Laws alongside a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Human Geography.

Why did you decide to be a SW at Selwyn?

Becoming a sub-warden was something I wanted to do since my first year. Growing up in a boarding environment I found the transition of living in a college very easy, however, I know many who did not. That is not to say that I found my feet straight away and after going through a degree change, I wanted to be an example of how your goals can still be achieved even when things do not always go to plan.  

What do you enjoy about being a SW?

I think the most enjoyable thing about the sub-warden role would be seeing a sense of community developing over the course of the year. Selwyn for many is a home away from home and to be part of this environment is something not only myself but many other residents’ value.

One fun fact about yourself? 

I have eaten out of a dining hall for 8 years.