What do you study?

I am an alumni from the University of Otago and have undertaken my PhD research from the department of tourism on Death-zone guides who have guided above 8,000m mountains. My research challenges new perspective on the mountaineering world where from historical accounts, personal memories to heroic acts and rescue mission have been only portrayed about mountaineers only. In contrast, through my research i seek to provide voices to the silent workers who provide guided service to the mountaineers or high paying client-climbers. My research casts light into the shadow accounts of death-zone guides who have not got a chance to tell their own stories in academic domain and general mountaineering readership communities.

Why did you decide to be a SW at Selwyn?

Strong community values

What do you enjoy about being a SW?

Friendly and cooperative environment for staff!

One fun fact about yourself? 

I have a variety of shampoos in my bathroom.