Women's Netball

Women’s Netball brought the opportunity for Selwyn to put the Cameron Shield back into our halls where it has lived for the past 3 years. 

Through months of dedication with early morning trainings our girls were as prepared as they could have hoped.
With top tier defence from Mia Söhnge and Captain Morgan Schuler, Selwyn took out an early lead of 10 points in the first quarter. This lead continued to grow through to half time with the score line reading 23 – 6. The constant updates in score from Brit Calder to the Selwyn Facebook page kept everyone in the loop throughout the third and fourth quarter. “What is the score? The anticipation is killing us in the Econ112 Tutorial” said Leo English, a supportive Selwyn Fan. The reply; Full time 43 – 17 to Selwyn.
The bleachers flooded onto the court from the realisation that the Cam Shield will stay home for another year.

A great turnout from support, and another great result for Selwyn. Very well played from both sides, Knox were just simply outclassed on the day.

By Nathan Lea | Posted: Wednesday August 23, 2017