Merchandise available to order

The S.C.S.A are greatly anticipating the 125th Jubilee and have made merchandise available to order. 


My name is Casey Brown, and I have the honour of being Vice President at Selwyn College for2018. 

We here at the S.C.S.A are greatly anticipating our 125th Anniversary weekend this coming March, and cannot wait to meet so many of our distinguished alumni as you return to our hall.

As Vice President is traditionally in charge of organising merchandise for the year, I have been presented with the unique opportunity to create goods commemorating our 125th Anniversary.

Normally merchandise is only available for purchase by current students, but what with the large number of returning ex-students for this event, I see this as a fantastic opportunity for many of you to show your true pride and spirit alongside us, albeit as an ex-Selwynite, with the purchase of limited edition 125th Anniversary Glassware produced exclusively for the weekend of the 23rd-25thof March 2018.

Please email Casey Brown at [email protected] for an order form and see the attached pictures showing the glassware. 

Due to the fragile nature of the items, we will have the glassware solely available for pickup at theAnniversary. 

We will unfortunately not be able to post any orders around the country. If you are not attending the 125th, but will be able to pick up your order from the College at a later date, please email me and I shall see what can be arranged.

The final date orders may be placed and payments received by, is the Sunday the 25th of February 2018. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have.

Kind regards,

Casey Brown.

By latafale auvaa | Posted: Tuesday January 23, 2018