Mullet May

A great opportunity to look really weird for a month

On Tuesday night most of the first year boys of the college participated in the annual Mullet May ceremony. After photos and a wonderful Amish themed dinner, we congregated in CATs common room and got to work! Each boy partnered up with a girl or one of his mate and set them loose on there hair with an electric razor. Every kind of terrible haircut imaginable could be seen. Bowl cuts, mullets, mohawks and a never ending stream of bizarre designs. It was truly a sight to behold. Each man now proudly shows off his fresh cut around Selwyn but sadly has to go for the hat option when going to class (you get a few odd looks otherwise). Its also safe to say the the new haircuts aren't the favourite thing of the girls of Selwyn College.       

By George Young | Posted: Monday May 7, 2018