The Ballet

It might seem a bit weird at first but is truly an awesome event in its 90th year.

Male Ballet. What a glorious thing it is. The pure elation one gets from prancing around the stage with your mate’s while wearing a tutu cannot be matched. The boys had put many hard hours of practice in and were ready for their performances. This year was the 90th year of the Ballet and the boys more than did it proud. Putting on 10 stunning performances that wowed and shocked the audience in equal measure. It might seem weird at first but the brotherhood that is formed during these performances cannot be broken. The memories of the ballet will not be forgotten any time soon, unlike the ones from the party afterwards. A massive thank you to Sophia for giving up her time to choreograph the ballet and coach the boys through it, I know we all deeply appreciate it.

By George Young | Posted: Tuesday July 3, 2018