2021 So Far at Selwyn College

The year has gotten off to an epic start with a new cohort of students getting stuck into life at the college.

One of the highlights of being New Zealand's oldest university college is that we also have an old rivalry. For decades, Selwyn and Knox have been fiercely competing against each other for the Cameron Shield (sporting events) and the Nevill Cup (cultural events). With cricket, tennis, rowing and swimming sports already done, the Cameron Shield looks like it will be tightly contested again. The debating, theatre sports and open drama have all been great spectacles for the audience members to enjoy too.

Another aspect of life at Selwyn College is our special character and relationship with the All Saints' Anglican Church that own the college. This really does create a unique experience that students wouldn't otherwise get. Whether it is going to the college services like the opening day or Anzac Day services we've had or just chatting with Fr Michael who is our college chaplain, our relationship with the church is a special one.

Our students have been studying hard too. With a swathe of essays, test and assignments during the semester, our students are always juggling multiple academic commitments. As exams approach around the corner, we find that students are putting in that little bit of extra effort. Some brave souls are studying outside on a sunny day even if it still isn't that warm.

But why not hear some words from one of our students who had this to say;

"The new and exciting life of being a fresher! We were welcomed into Selwyn in a unique way that made us all feel included with the sense of having a new family. The traditions and culture are a huge part of the Selwyn spirit. Introduced in a way like no other, a family of 200 or so was formed. Given endless opportunities to excel in any chosen field, academically, culturally, leadership or sporting, our college has it all! Busy Bees we all are, but we are all kept sane with the support from those above us. From our yummy meals to our vacuumed rooms, after-hour tutorials, and the like, we can't help but LOVE Selwyn College. The success and motivation from other students put me in a great position of responsibility and motivated me to give it everything. It shows hard work, drive, strong-willed, and value the steps for success in any venture, personal or professional. Our next chapter's approach is one of the new beginnings, growth, wisdom, and the appreciation of new people and mentors."

By Matt H | Posted: Saturday May 15, 2021