Selwyn is an independent university college which broadly follows the Oxbridge model providing in-house tutorials and academic programmes in addition to accommodation, food and pastoral care. Students study, live and eat together in the same buildings, sharing learning and laughter, conversing with and challenging one another. Selwyn's extensive tutorial programme belies its smaller size. Students come to the College to make new friends and to enjoy academic success. Selwyn's food also enjoys an enviable reputation. In-house catering ensures quality of delivery, while a small kitchen means extra care and attention to detail.

The College aspires to function as a true community of scholars and as such undertakes to provide its members with a rich educational experience centred on but not limited to academic study.

Selwyn College aims to provide its members with a unique educational opportunity known as the Selwyn College Experience, based on the College’s fundamental objective of being “an inclusive academic residential community, founded on the principle of mutual care, valuing and promoting the physical and spiritual wellbeing of all of its members” (Selwyn College Statute, 2009).

As a community of learning, Selwyn embraces UNESCO’S four pillars of learning:

  1. Learning to Know and to Think – the acquisition of knowledge, both academic and general, and the ability to evaluate critically and respond to such knowledge.
  2. Learning to Do – the ability to apply and implement what has been learned in a practical way, thereby learning from experience.
  3. Learning to Be – the development of personhood (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) through learning a set of guiding life-values.
  4. Learning to Live in Community – learning to live in and contribute to a safe, inclusive and mutually respectful and caring community.