Dave Insull

Dave is a 29 year old living in Auckland. After selling his first business while still at university, Dave graduated from Otago with a Law and Arts degree. He then moved back to his hometown of Auckland and practised as a commercial lawyer. After a few years in the law, Dave co-founded 90 Seconds, an innovative cloud based global production company harnessing technology to produce web video content at scale, anywhere in the world – In addition, Dave has run many marathons and ultra marathons, keeps fit and travels regularly.

Sophie Hart

Sophie Hart is a 29 year old General Practitioner and multi sport athlete. Sophie graduated from Otago University with an M.D. and currently lives in Nelson where she works at Harley Street Medical and competes in multi sport events. Sophie has won the Coast to Coast Longest Day event twice, in 2010 and 2013. The Coast to Coast is a 234 km long race, which covers many disciplines including running, mountain biking and kayaking. To remain completive at this level Sophie splits her time between work and completing 20 - 25 hours a week in training. Sophie is also a member of the Seagate team that won the Adventure Racing World Champs in France in 2012 and is preparing to defend its title in Costa Rica this year.

Simon Moore QC

Simon Moore QC is the Crown Solicitor for Auckland. He was appointed by the Governor General by Royal Warrant on the Attorney General’s recommendation in June 1994 following the retirement of his predecessor, the late Hon. Justice David Morris.

As Crown Solicitor he is responsible for the oversight and prosecution of all major crime in the Auckland region. The role of Crown Solicitor in New Zealand is a unique one. Instead of being a public servant, Simon is a partner and Chairman of the Auckland law firm, Meredith Connell. It is a private law firm which conducts a wide spectrum of legal work, although Crown prosecution under Simon’s Warrant is still a very major part of the firm’s business.

The firm employs approximately 160 full time and part time prosecutors who can be found in almost every Court in the city on every day of the working week.

Other appointments include:

  • In 2000 the British Government appointed him Public Prosecutor for Pitcairn Island (the Pacific refuge of the mutineers from the Bounty, led by Fletcher Christian in 1790). In that role, he was responsible for the prosecution of men, both on and off the island, for crimes of child sexual abuse. This appointment took him to remote Pitcairn Island for the trials and ultimately to London for the appeals before the Privy Council.
  • Counsel to Irish Rugby Union for Rugby World Cup 2011.
  • Lead counsel for police at Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River Mine tragedy.

In 2008 he was admitted to the Inner Bar with his appointment as Senior Counsel (the then equivalent of Queens Counsel or QC) which has since reverted to QC.

He has maintained an interest in many organisations outside the law.

He is President of the New Zealand Deafness Research Foundation; Past President of The Northern Club; Chairman of the Board of Governors of King’s School; Deputy Master of the Pakuranga Hunt; Past-President of the Medico-Legal Association; Chair of the Foundation Trustees of Selwyn College, Dunedin; Advisory Trustee of the Stellar Trust (for the elimination of methamphetamine) and a member of the Council of the New Zealand Bar Association.

He is married to Jane, his wife of 31 years and they have three boys, two of whom have followed their father into the law.