About Us

As the first college established at New Zealand's oldest university, Selwyn College has a unique and rich heritage. The College cherishes traditions that go back many generations and reflect its core values of inclusivity, respect and mutual care.

Selwyn College is a true community of scholars, providing its members with a unique educational opportunity known as The Selwyn College Experience. The College aims to produce well-rounded leaders of the future committed to making a disproportionate difference for good in the world. Selwyn is a small, close-knit community where it is easy to belong. Diversity, creativity and contribution are highly valued in addition to the primary goal of achieving academic excellence. Selwyn College comprises a combination of both First-Year and Returning residents.

Selwyn strives to be a self-regulating community and relies on its returning residents to pass on college values, organise social, sporting and cultural activities and events, and to provide essential peer support to new members.  Its smallness makes Selwyn an intimate place where residents know and care for each other. Selwyn’s hallmark intense community spirit and sense of shared identity results in life-long friendships and remembered and cherished experiences. When residents leave the College they are encouraged to join the Selwyn College Ex-Resident Association and then, once they’ve graduated, the illustrious Selwyn Alumni.

Selwyn College Ethos and Values

The Selwyn College Board has agreed a focus on the cultivation of:

  1. A community of mutual care
  2. Excellence in a broad education
  3. Personal well-being.

These all find expression in the Selwyn College Experience.