What do you study?

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Why did you decide to be a SW at Selwyn?

Working with people is such a rewarding experience. First year can be difficult with all the big life changes, including moving away from home and entering the world of university academia. I had really good support and guidance in my first year, and I wanted to return the time committed to me, with incoming students. I was also  intrigued by Selwyn College’s atmosphere and special character. I love the tradition, stories, and history that lives within its residents, and I wanted to be a part of it.

What do you enjoy about being a SW?

I work as part of a wonderful team of staff members that makes working at Selwyn a delight. I love working alongside my colleagues to make Selwyn a fun and comforting place to live. It’s great to chat with the students about every aspect of uni life, and have laughs about their nights in town!

One fun fact about yourself? 

I was the Female Australian Ambassador at the 2017 NASA Conference in Alabama, USA.