Abby Dromgool


What do you study?

I’m completing my final year of my BSc, Majoring in Psychology.

Why did you choose to be a Sub-Warden at Selwyn?

I chose to be a Sub-warden at Selwyn because I came here in my first year and had a really good time. I made some really meaningful connections with staff who have continued to support me so I knew this was the team I wanted to be a part of.

What do you enjoy about being a Sub-warden?

Being a sub-warden you have the privilege of supporting young people in what can be a really crazy, but also really exciting time. I look forward to helping them navigate this new place, and as someone who doesn’t drink, supporting those in the same boat to show them that you can still get involved without drinking.

One fun fact about yourself?

I am the only Sub-Warden who went to Selwyn in my first year.