Karun Rawat

Tautiaki-kaiawhina, Assistant Warden

[email protected]

021 279 1833

Dr Karun Rawat is our Tautiaki-kaiāwhina (Assistant Warden) and is from Nepal.  Karun has worked at Selwyn since 2019, initially as a Sub-Warden for two years, then as a member of the senior staff team.

Karun graduated in 2021 with the PhD from Department of Tourism, University of Otago.  His PhD focused on emotional experiences of Death-zone guides who have guided above 8,000m mountains.  Karun likes kickboxing and he loves to climb the mountains. He is also fond of rock and country music and plays guitar regularly.

If you need to chat about music, mountaineering, ice and rock climbing or martial arts, or anything Selwyn related, feel free to connect with Karun.